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Driving Lessons

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Learn to Drive with Auto Tech - Your Local Driving School


Getting Started
So you want to learn to drive!  OK, the first thing you need to do is get your Northern Ireland/UK provisional driving licence. 
You can apply for your provisional driving licence when you are 16, but you are not allowed to drive a car until you are 17.
For further details visit:

The provisional licence application form (D1) is available from your local Post Office, or your Auto Tech Driving Instructor and we recommend you apply about 3 months before your 17th birthday.
You should then receive your licence back in time to book your driving lessons for your birthday.

You will also need to check your eyesight.
You need to be able to read a standard number plate from 20.5 metres (approximately 5 car lengths).
If you wear glasses or contact lenses you must wear them whilst driving. 

You can study for your Theory and Hazard Perception Test before your first lesson.
Theory and Hazard Perception Test Training DVD’s are available from all good book shops or online.
If you prefer you can study whilst taking lessons where you can receive you free training DVD’s from your Auto Tech Driving Instructor.
Check out your progress with a free Theory Test at

Auto Tech Driving Instructors will give you all the assistance you need to enable you to pass your Theory and Hazard Perception test.

First Lesson – What to expect...

Most people are nervous about getting behind the wheel of a car for the first time, but don’t worry!
Your Auto Tech driving instructor will soon put you at ease. 

You will not be expected to drive off on a busy road on your first driving lesson.

Your driving instructor will introduce you to the controls and safety aspects of the car, taking you through all of the levers and pedals and how to use them.  After that you’ll start the car up and drive it a little way down the road before bringing it to a stop.  

You will then be introduced to each stage of driving in manageable stages.  Our driving lessons are structured in a way to enable you to pass your driving test in the quickest possible time.

Driving lessons can be structured to suit your individual needs. We advise you have one or two lessons per week. 


Intensive Driving Courses

If you want to learn to drive as soon as possible, maybe our Intensive Driving Courses are for you.
Instead of months of learning to drive you can complete your driving lessons and pass your driving test in weeks!  

Your level of driving experience will determine how many driving lessons make up your intensive driving course, each intensive driving course can be tailor-made to suit your personal requirements and fit around your work or college commitments. If you have previous driving experience you will need an assessment lesson to determine the length of driving course that you require.

If you’ve driven before and only need to brush up on your driving skills then you may wish to consider a 10 or 20 hour intensive driving course. On the assessment lesson you will be advised of the length of driving course that you need.

Intensive driving courses can be arranged over one or two weeks, if you prefer they can be arranged over a longer period of time, you can discuss this and plan your driving course with your driving instructor on your assessment driving lesson.

Driving Lesson Costs

Special Offers

  • Never Driven Before???              1hr 30mins - £20
  • Book first 6 Lessons for £100      Less than £17.00 per 1 hour lesson!

Price of Lessons

  • Lessons £23 per hour, or:
  • Book 5 for £89                                Less than £18.00 per 1 hour lesson!
  • Free Lesson prior to actual driving test (terms and conditions apply)
  • 1 Week intensive course              £650 (this includes use of car for test)
Intensive courses tailored to suit your need

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